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We Take Pride in Being UNC Bears

In fact, you won’t find a bigger, bolder group of graduates than the network of UNC 校友.

We may live in different cities, be graduates of different class years, 和 pursue different careers, but together we are UNC's Bear Network 和 we believe in the power 给予的回报.

Once a Bear, Always a Bear



校友 首页 Football Tailgates




职业生涯 in Advocacy




Pre-Game Reception 和 Basketball





Find additional university events 和 opportunities at Calendar.奇怪的人.edu



明信片 & Email Requesting 校友 Updates


UNC 校友 are receiving emails 和 postcards inviting them to update their information
和 share their UNC story as part of the 校友 Oral History Project.
Find out more about this outreach effort 和 your opportunity to participate.


Message from Lyndsey Crum '05


Drive with Bear Pride

Show your pride while supporting student scholarships. Your $50 donation to the UNC License Plate Scholarship Fund provides you the option to purchase UNC plates for your Colorado-registered vehicle.





参与 和 Help Build the Bear Network

UNC 校友 和 friends are invited to help build a stronger Bear Network. 志愿者 opportunities include support for admissions, career development, regional engagement 和 K-12 education. You can also help build the Bear Network by connecting with @UNC校友Bears on social media 和 sharing UNC posts 和 your favorite pride points.





$25 Million Gift, Largest in UNC History, Accelerates Plans for College of Osteopathic 医学

The University of Northern Colorado’s vision to meet the critical 和 growing dem和 for doctors across the state just received a major endorsement. The Weld Trust has committed $25 million earmarked for the university’s proposed College of Osteopathic 医学. It’s the largest single gift in the 学校’s history 和 a transformational investment that will support efforts to strengthen Colorado’s health care workforce 和 address the physician shortage.   


Historic 同学会: The Celebration of a Century

This year’s celebration marks the 100th 同学会 for the university 和 features a week of activities 和 events, 10月. 9-15. Although the days of getting dressed to the nines to attend the football game or participating in the annual Hellzabruin talent show have evolved into different celebrations as student interests have changed, the central theme 和 tradition of community coming together 和 welcoming 校友 back to campus is ever-present 和 timeless.  


校友 Employees Spotlight Their Favorite Campus Traditions

Every university has its own unique set of traditions 和 legacies that students will remember when they graduate, but those memories can be different for everyone — a unique combination of the friends, student groups 和 programs each student associated with that is authentic to their particular experience. This is certainly the case at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where students who march in the Pride of the Rockies might remember their time on campus differently compared to a student pursuing their doctorate. 


参观 编辑部校友博客 to find more stories highlighting UNC success stories.